Monday, December 1, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Even Monkeys Have More Coordination Than I Do

As I slip and slide my way across my sheet of ice parking lot it is humbling to realize that I am a low creature. One with no balance or coordination. As I look out my window as the snow piles up, I know it is only a matter of time before I wind up planted firmly on my butt in a mound of icy coldness. Have I mentioned it isn't even winter yet? I need to find me one of those beach librarian positions ASAP.

In the meantime, MONKEYS ICE SKATING!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Missy Higgins

I was driving to work today and I heard this song "Where I Stood" and I thought "Great new Fiona Apple song" until I learned it wasn't Fiona Apple at all but some girl named Missy Higgins. She's got a great moody alterna chick vibe to her with just a hint of country and a little bit of blues. I highly recommend you check her out. Plus I'm loving her hair in this video. I have crazy curly hair that I can never control. A part of me wants to chop it off to try to get the look in this video but I'm afraid I'd wind up with frizzy Q'tip hair or something equally dreadful. I did color my hair darker for fall but sadly hardly anyone noticed. What's with that?! Maybe I should just dye it bright blue to see if it gets any reaction. Ah well. Karma will one day kick in so in the next life I'll have nice straight hair!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Lee Pace

There is nothing I enjoy so much on a rainy Sunday as laying on my couch in my pajamas watching semi-pretentious movies that would make my father cringe. Today I did just that and watched "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" starring Amy Adams and Frances McDormand. Very cute 1930's era farce set in England. Lots of great costumes and killer hairstyles. For a reward I discovered a very yummy fellow by the name of Lee Pace who played the love interest, Michael. He's kind of scruffy, slightly quirky, and completely adorable. Doesn't hurt that he looks good in a suit sitting behind a piano. Oddly enough he also stars in the other movie I picked up at the library this week, The Fall. Double dose of Mr. Pace. I'm eagerly awaiting the next free night I have to dig in. Seeing as there is no end to the rain in sight for us, I'm thinking that day will be right around the bend.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Discovery of the Day: A Change Is Gonna Come

Can it be that the day of change is here?

Today for the first time in the longest time I woke up feeling truly hopeful about life in general. You don't realize sometimes how much the stresses of life can take pieces of your spirit away. But today is a good day. Life isn't easy but what can't you accomplish if you really believe. Enjoy today everybody!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Colbert Hates Canton

I love this clip for two reasons. 1) It's Stephen Colbert being Stephen Colbert. Say no more. 2) I work in Canton and find it hysterical that we be found either good or bad. Being as it is a crappy cold snowy day and it isn't even November yet, I think I'd sign up to move down to Canton, Texas and deal with the monkeys! As an added bonus, I find it slightly amusing that Canton, Ohio will now be associated with Hitlers Ass Crack for a huge segment of the population. Thanks Colbert!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Fringe

My boss has been telling me for weeks now that I should check out the new FOX show "Fringe" based on two important viewing criteria: 1) It's a cool modern "X-File" sci-fi show and 2) It stars Joshua Jackson who was oh-so-lovable on "Dawson's Creek". I put it off amid a flurry of bad reality tv (Do I really want to watch "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"?). Tonight I downloaded it off the net, Fringe on Fox , and watched the pilot as I half heartedly walked on my treadmill. I have to say, I give it a thumbs up. Though it has it's cheesey, "it could only happen on tv moments", it has some great points. Interesting paranormal plotlines, lots of government intrigue, sexy FBI agents, and crazy half mad scientists. (I'm crossing my fingers the Cigarette Man makes a surprise appearance in Season 2.)

On a related note, I also watched "The Eleventh Hour" last week starring the hotness that is Rufus Sewell. I wanted to like it but I just felt "meh" about it. I kept thinking that David Caruso could have stepped into the lead characters shoes and been just as effective. Which isn't necessarily a great thing. Maybe I should give it another try. Thoughts?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Discovery of the Day: My Unoffical Political Poll

Northeast Ohio, in my opinion, is geographically a weird place to live. Go to any "nice" neighborhood in the area and you are only a few blocks away from locking your doors and running red lights for fear of being mugged. Go to any "urban" area and you are only a few miles away from suburbia. Drive a few miles away from either of those and you are liable to run into a cornfield or a rundown papermill. You just never know who your neighbors are!

The drive from my parents middle-class neighborhood to my apartment building (once dubbed in a local newspaper as a "starter" complex for people not ready to be grown-ups...whatever!) runs through an area of very posh mini-mansions. As I was driving the stretch today I noticed that the political signs were out in full force. Local political ads were the most prevalent - some being the size of large billboards on the highway. But there were quite a fewe presidential signs as well. Normally you would expect to find this area exclusively Republican. As I drove down I saw the first batch of McCain/Palin signs. No surprise. But as I continued to drive I noticed something interesting. For every McCain sign there was an Obama sign. In fact it looked like two neighbors were duking it out as both of them had several presidential signs on display - one an Obama supporter, one a McCain supporter. Could Obama be making headway with the Republican base here in Ohio?

I honestly think it is going to come down to the wire here in Ohio as it always does. Nonetheless, this election may push people to vote across previous political alliances. What that means for the outcome we shall see soon enough. Hold on tight!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Discovery of the Day: I Still Love Palin

There is one thing that I love about the attention being paid to Sarah Palin these days. No, it isn't her amazing views on politics and science (ahem...we'll skip that). It is the attention it has brought to another Palin...Michel Palin. I have seen more than a few "Michael Palin for President" parodies on the geekier side of the internet.

I have a confession. Michael Palin was one of my very first celebrity crushes. My brother was an enormous Monty Python fan and forced me to watch countless episodes of the show before I could even begin to appreciate English humor. Somewhere between watching "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and "The Life of Brian" I began developing a giggly preteen girl crush on Michael Palin. There was something very cute, funny, and cuddly about him and I decided that he should be my boyfriend. Several years later, my crush was firmly cemented when Michael began the first of his travel documetaries with Around the World in 80 Days. As he circles the globe front to back and Pole to Pole, Palin has a childish curiousity, a great intelligence, and (dog gone it) he just seems so NICE. Many years have passed but Michael Palin still remains high on my scale of crushworthy-ness. Sarah Palin may be popular for now but there is only room for one Palin in my heart!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Fareed Zakaria Rocks the World
 he doesn't exactly rock the world. But he does one hell of a good job at explaining the state of the world today. I just finished reading Fareed Zakaria's book "The Post-American World" and I am very glad I did. Zakaria does a great job of explaining the problems that the US faces right now using a long world lens. We have to understand that the world is changing and as it does the power shifts. Zakaria calls it "the rise of the rest". This means countries are now dominating in technological and economic fields that the US once had an iron fist over.

The reason I enjoyed this book is because Zakaria makes sure to point out this "rise of the rest" does not signify the end of the US. Instead, it merely points to a shift. In fact, the US can benefit from the advances of other countries and can still remain a major power player. It is a difficult issue to grasp but one that we all must acknowledge and try to understand.

I've embedded a video of a discussion that Zakaria gave at the Los Angles Public Library that is definitely worth watching. Not to mention it is moderated by Reza Aslan who I have a big geek girl crush on. Sigh. This is good stuff. Please dig in.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Reese's Double Stuffed Peanut Butter Pumpkins


God must have seen that I have been freaking out too much about the economy this week and has bestowed a delicious reward on me in the form of peanut butter and chocolate. On my lunch break today I was wandering the aisles of Walgreens stocking up on tissues for all my snotty nosed students (and one snotty nosed librarian...guilty!) when what do my eyes fall upon. Past the plastic halloween costumes. Past the economy size bags of tootsie rolls. Past the smoke machines and cheesy strobe lights. Could it be? REESE'S DOUBLE STUFFED PEANUT BUTTER PUMPKINS!

Reese's cups and I have a special connection. It is the only thing I ask for on Easter and Halloween. And I think I may be the only woman alive whose blind date showed up with a homemade Reese's cup in his hand in lieu of flowers (okay..that was a little weird. But the thought was nice.) I managed to stifle my eeks of joy as I grabbed one in my hands and hotfooted it to the register. At least I waited until I was parked back at school to open the sweet goodness. And then I think I blacked out because it somehow disappeared in the space of 5 seconds. I'm a bad girl. My treadmill tells me I have a price to pay. But some things are just worth being bad for. And Reese's are high on the list.

Long live Reese's Cups. It is a good day!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Discovery of the Day: I Have Issues With or Without Possible Solutions

At least thats the way I feel after watching the Vice Presidential debate. Apparently there are lots of issues. Apparently we are living in the best country in the world filled with dynamic fabulous people with lots of potential. But, oh yeah, we are on the brink of collapse because of greedy oil countries who we may or may not be helping out. But don't worry. Cuz people in the know understand the issues and will address them right away. Because God wants it that way. No need to talk in detail about the issues because that would be silly since we all know that issues are important and are being given the attention they deserve.

So instead of listening to the pundits on tv, I decided to listen to Brett and Jemaine talk about issues. Biden and Palin could take some lessons from their insight. I think they deserve the smiley face. :-)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Discovery of the Day: I Can't Stop Hoarding Books

I have another confession to make. I have an addiction. An addiction to books. It's pretty wicked. I find myself wandering through the aisles of Borders lusting after books I had no intention to buy when I walked through the door. I logon to each day in the event a cool book is ready to be snagged before anyone else gets to it. My fingers twitch as I pass the bookshelves in the't pick up another one!

I'd like to say that I am just hoarding all of these book because fall is here thus the approach of awful Ohio weather where all one CAN really do is read (or watch crappy tv...which I do as well!). But I'm afraid I would be lying. I hoard no matter what the weather.

I really must be stopped. I really should. If someone would please tell both authors and publishers that we don't need anymore books that would be wonderful. This may allow me to catch up on my "to be read" stack without getting further into trouble. I will work on drawing up a memo immediately after I finish the latest Paulo Coelho book I have my hands on. It is quite delicious.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Grand Archives - Miniature Birds

This song hit the spot after a depressing day of watching more tales of economic woes. I have decided that I refuse to get freaked out. Instead, I will smile and whistle (and frolic with alpacas if the opportunity arises). If it all goes belly up then at least we had a good run.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Selfish Jean

This is a great discovery because a) I enjoy Travis and think their music is pretty kickass and b) I love Demetri Martin and want to cuddle with him. Would you not want to hang out at a coffee shop with this guy?! Demetri reminds me a bit of a young Steve Martin. He has that same off the wall very dry sense of humor that can come out of left field. And he uses charts which are cool unto themselves.

Our computers at work just got upgraded to the latest version of Microsoft Office. From what I can gather it just seems that they have moved functions around just enough so that you have no idea how to do something as simple as setting margins. However I must say I do enjoy the new chart and graph features on Word. I made my boss a lovely 3-D colorful creation I dubbed "Super Cool Chart" complete with an attractive dead fish background (not sure why this is one of the options but why not dead fish). I made the font sparkle and the chart do a cool right tilt. Apparently my boss does not think charts as amusing as I do because her reaction was "Ummm...Theresa. You have problems." I bet Demetri would like my super cool chart. Maybe I should send it to him.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Mixed Tapes are Still Cool

I have a confession to make. I am 33 years old and I do not own an iPod. No mp3 player in sight. In fact, if I am to be perfectly honest, I still have the stereo that I got when I was 15 that has the super cool double cassette players so that you can record your favorite New Kids song for your bff. I've never really felt the reason to get an iPod. I have a CD player in my car and my stereo in my apartment for the two times I generally listen to music: going to work and housecleaning. And yes..this does make me old and boring. Thanks for pointing it out.

However, I recently ran into a dilemma. I have started my "I'm going to conquer my treadmill and run 8 miles straight" kick. Generally I'll turn on my tv upstairs and catch up on the news or a rerun of Saved by the Bell (and yes...I know this makes me doubly boring). But do you know how motivated I am to run after hearing countless analyists telling me that my generation is screwed and that I should kiss my money goodbye? Not very. And do you know how motivated I am to run while watching another episode of "The Hills" where Heidi conveniently runs into Lauren in the grocery store and they pout at each other over melon selections? Enough to make me pull the key on the treadmill.

Only one thing will work. Mixed Tape Time!! I ransacked the internet for some great tunes and burned myself a mixed CD. Some Elbow, a little We Are Scientists, a smidge of the Mess Hall. And as the sweat poured off my forehead and I tried to breathlessly sing along to Duffy I realized that some things never go out of style. There's nothing like a good mixed tape to make you feel like you are both interesting and cool. In fact, if others heard your mixed tape you would be the envy of the group. Even if that group is now balding and taking out second mortgages. Who needs money when you have the power of a mixed tape! I'm ready for another mile (or ready to curl up on my couch and watch another episode of "John Adams").

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Maximo Park

Stumbled upon an English band called Maximo Park today. It's a fun punkish band with nice accents. I do love the English accents!

Though I am not a "girl who plays guitar" I am a girl who secretly wants to be a rock star. Today we celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday and I was very excited when my brother unveiled his new toy. It's an electronic drum kit. Woohoo!! His wife finally let him get one under the condition he always wears the headset and keeps it in the basement. Of all the instruments I have ever wanted to conquer, the drums is my #1 pick. The drummer may not get the glory of the lead singer status but they get to be the fuel that keeps the song going. And what is more rock and roll then a kickass drum solo. I can see it now! Flinging those sticks into the sky! My mission is set. Must find a way to steal my brothers drum kit. Mwahahahahaha. (You won't tell will you?)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Californication

So being the broke gal that I am, I am reduced to watching basic cable channels. Which is generally good enough for me. As long as i have my CNN, my History Channel, and my Nick at Night I'm good. However I am a bit peeved that I miss out on first runs of some of the best shows that are hitting tv lately - Flight of the Conchords, The Tudors, Real Time with Bill Maher (I still harbor hatred towards ABC for taking him off the air!). Luckily you can get most of these shows at your lovely local library.

I just got my hands on the first season of Californication starring my one time X-Files crush David Duchovney. I was expecting sarcastic and smarmy comments from the few clips I've seen of the show. I was expecting it to be racy. Little did I know I was in for a non-stop T & A show with my pal David in some incredibly risque positions...some of which I would rather wipe from my mind (fans of the show will know exactly which scene I'm talking about). All I could think as I watched the show was "No WONDER this guy is in rehab for sex addiction!!" In fact, I think I've become a sex addict by association after watching the complete first season. My recommendation to David would be to do a few Disney movies for some detox. Maybe a Lifetime movie or two.

My critique of the show? Not bad (if you aren't easily offended). I do love me some clever sarcastic men. However I think the show teeters somewhere between cutting edge and kinda icky. If you want a more complex and entertaining anti-hero you have to go with Dennis Leary in Rescue Me.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Thom Yorke Solo Project obviously I was in a hole somewhere and didn't realize Thom Yorke - lead singer of Radiohead - released a solo album in 2006. For me, Thom Yorke is one of the oddest figures in music. When I look at him I want to turn the channel. He isn't what you would call attractive by any standard. He scowls like some creature out of a Tolkien novel. He flails around when he dances like a child who hasn't figured out the idea of self consciousness yet. But when Thom Yorke sings...well...when he sings it's like he is the sweetest of the sweet choir boys in church.

For some reason, I still feel a bit put off when I hear him sing because I can't marry the two visions in my head. But the older I get, the more I appreciate feeling uncomfortable. Maybe there is a side of me that wishes I could get up there in front of millions with a big scowl and a stupid dance and not care at all. Of course it would help if I had the sweet voice but I'll make my wishes in small doses so as not to anger the Gods.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Discovery of the Day: You Can Recreate Your Best Days

Some of the best times from my childhood is when our entire family would pick up and go to our annual vacation retreat - Cook Forest in Western Pennsylvania. Sitting in the back of the car with my brother, the ride up always seemed to take forever. Crossing the bridge over Clarion River always seemed like a continent away. Having taken the trip countless times as an adult, the journey seems ridiculously short now - less than 2 hours away. Funny how time changes when you grow up.

Tomorrow my brother (long since married) and I are going to go up to stay in one of the cabins by the river where we once ran around collecting pine needles and racing toy cars down tree branches. As an adult, I live in one of the most beautiful sections of Ohio - the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. I am privileged to have a plethora of trails and nature waiting right outside my door. And yet there is something about the smell of the trees and the crispness of the air in Cook Forest that makes me giddy like no other place can.

For the next few days, I'll be visiting all the old haunts, eating ice cream by the river, and catching marshmallows on fire outside a log cabin with bats twirling over my head. Sounds like heaven to me!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Awful 80's Akron Movie

Happy day. Quite possibly the greatest YouTube find of all my days trolling the site. Above is a clip from a kung gu/action movie for some reason set in Akron Ohio, my home town. It was released in 1983 and I'm guessing it went on to make tens of dollars from the quality of this snippet. The first 4 minutes are taken up with awesome kungfu moves out at Portage Lakes (with a super cool "He's the MAN" background music). Then the beauty begins. About a 15 minute chase scene throughout Akron. The chase goes by all of my old haunts (keep in mind I was 8 when this was released). The old playground, the old mini-mart I used to buy penny candy at, even my great Aunt Rose's house across from the Click during the dramatic turnaround. I don't think I've laughed so hard all year.

Even if you are not from Akron, I think you'll enjoy "The Instructor".

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Here Comes the Flood

It's a four day holiday weekend for Theresa! YEAH!! In celebration, the skies opened up and have dumped buckets of rain on me since yesterday. And the rains are set to continue all the way through the weekend.

Rain and I have had a weird relationship for the past month or so. The weather is gorgeous to the point of making me jealous every time I work. The weekend comes or a vacation day and what happens? Rain. Torrential rain. Rain so hard people are pulling over on the side of the highway. Rain so hard that you have to check to make sure you have matches if the lights go out. Rain so hard the rivers are flooding. Oohhh rain.

I suppose I should make the best of it. But rain just puts you in the mood to sleep...or pout...or drink. And since it's the holiday, drinking it shall be. It has to be sunny somewhere!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Discovery of the Day: The Rape of Europa

Having the day off work and all of my friends tied up with other things, I decided to go see a movie and get out of the heat and storms here in Ohio. I checked what was playing at my local theater and lo and behold, could it be? Were they really playing a documentary? Instead of just blockbuster with action stars? Say no more. I purchased my ticket and sat in the theater (with one old lady as company) to watch the fantastic documentary "The Rape of Europa". Completely worth my $7...though I could have foregone the $5 small popcorn. The documentary discussed how much art played a factor in World War II. From Hitler's plan of attack against countries in an effort to obtain important pieces of art to start his own museum to the Allies strategically planning counterattacks in an effort to avoid (many times unsuccessfully) destroying the amazing art and architecture of Europe.

I found this documentary particularly interesting because I just finished reading an equally fantastic book "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. This book, geared to young adults but a must read for everyone, looks at a young German girl named Liesel in World War II. In an effort to make sense of the world around her, Liesel looks to books and words to find explanation and inspritation. And ultimately hope in often hopeless times. When it comes down to it, art in all of it's manifestations is man's expression of inspiration and hope. At times of war, it is easy to forget the importance of art. Who cares about a painting when you are starving? When people are dying around you? And is an underlying theme of our humanity. Without our words, our paintings, our architecture, our sense of beauty are we even human at all?

It's a fascinating subject. One I've had many a shouting match with my "survival is key!" ex-Marine father. I urge you to watch the documentary and read the book. How important is art to you? Or more important, the ability to express yourself artistically? What would you do if your rights were taken away?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Dancing Brings People Together!

So this guy Matt that you see in the above clip scored the sweetest jobs of sweetest jobs. Someone paid him to travel around the world and video record himself dancing horribly with people. That's right. He got PAID to travel and dance HORRIBLY. With people who were equally as horrible. The result being one of the best clips to ever hit YouTube. There is something so universal about horrible dancing that no matter where in the world you are it elicits a smile and laughter. You can't help it. (OK...that guy in North Korea didn't look too happy but we'll forget that.) In today's age where it's easy to get caught up in politics, the bad economy, and all the ways that one guy is different from the next it's refreshing to see something so universally simple.

I particularly love that I found this clip today because this afternoon I attended a friend's chorus recital. That chours just happened to be a gay men's chorus. The author Armisted Maupin gave excerpt readings throughout while the 80+ chorus chimed in with song and dance. At the end, Maupin announced that his writings were based on his own life and struggle. And he shared that he himself had gotten married to his partner in Canada last year because it was not recognized here in the US. As of a few weeks ago, that marriage HAS been recognized in California. The audience wildly applauded. The men on stage wildly applauded. As I sat there, I truly wished that anyone who ever opposed equal rights for gay people could be there in that audience. When it comes down to it, those men on stage just want what we all do: happiness. And oh yeah, they WILL dance and sing! I for one hope they keep on dancing. I may be one straight girl but I'm ready to drop my horrible dance moves any time!! So do your thing, whatever that may be.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Discovery of the Day: My Brightest Diamond

I discovered "My Brightest Diamond" online today while I was listening to "The Hype Machine." The singer has a very distincitve voice. She reminds me slightly of Tori Amos. That same off kilter, wood nimph vibe going on. Very much girl in a fairy tale which is nice once in a while. We all need to escape sometimes.

Speaking of which today I had a vacation day and escaped myself into the woods. Mind you I did NOT have on a pair of fairy wings nor did I have a guy with bull horns chasing me...though that would have been a good story on Monday. After spending the morning running around I realized that I just could not deal with people today. So I grabbed a book and my camera and spent a lovely afternoon surrounded by trees and birds and breeze. There are times when nothing else can compare. If only to refuel before you jump back into the wilderness of modern life.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Lee Iacocca is Pissed

I just finished reading Lee Iacocca's book "Where Have All the Leaders Gone" on the suggestion of a friend of mine. Quite frankly I don't think I would have picked up any book purposefully that has a picture of a rich old man smoking a big honking cigar on the cover of it if it hadn't been recommended. I have to say, I was pretty surprised at how pissed Lee Iacocca seems to be at the present time. Despite my preconceived notion of rich white men, Iacocca lambasts Bush and all of his cronies more or less calling them dimwits of the highest order. So right there he kind of won me over. He then goes on to lambast a whole list of folks including industry leaders, all manner of politicians, and the general public. His premise is that we HAVE NO leaders today. We live in a world where those in charge seem more interested in their own self interest and promoting a false sense of security. This can be seen not only with the handling of the war but also with the way we push children through the education system telling them "it's okay" before shoving their illiterate minds out the door to fend for themselves. As we sit back and remain complacent, other nations are rising to take the place that the United States once had as a leading nation.

The more I read and the more information I find on the internet and tv I can't help but to feel that the turning point for the United States happened a long time ago. We have become apathetic AND narcissistic. A deadly combo. It's not just the's society as a whole. We expect to have everything and not work for it and that's that. Someone else fix the problem. We'll be chilling waiting for the reward. I'm thinking the big payday ain't coming.

Even if political change is possible in the near future, will that be enough if we don't have strong leaders throughout the community on many levels to make sure that our society is pointed in the right direction? Time will tell. But in the meantime, I'd say the time for apathy is over. So get up and start moving in some direction, any direction. If nothing else, at least it will burn some calories.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Discovery of the Day: The Stache is Back

Weezer just came out with a video for their brand new song "Pork and Beans". Great song. Great band. Pretty cool video. If you like Weezer chances are you are slightly nerdy but think you are cool. If you are slightly nerdy and think you are cool chances are you watch a ton of YouTube videos. If you watch a ton of YouTube videos and like Weezer you will be in a state of giddy delight over this video.

Despite all that is going on in the video though I can't get over Rivers Cuomo's moustache. How can you not be transfixed by it. Seems like more and more cool guys are sporting staches (Brendan Flowers from the Killers, Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords). I ask you this seriously gentlemen. WHY?!? Is it supposed to be ironic? I appreciate the commentary but I have to say, the staches are pretty repellent. Please do us a favor and bury this new fad. You are geekishly cool just the way you are.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Maybe my Paranoia is Justified!

So I did wind up watching the "7 Ways the World Might Be Destroyed" documentary last night. Fortunately I missed the bottom 4 so I mananaged to stave off a few paranoid thoughts last night. So here are the top 3 ways the world might soon be destroyed:

#3) Nuclear War - at this point probably unintentional (though with the kooks in office who knows these days). For example, Russia's surveillance equipment may faultily show that we have sent an attack. They have to react within 15 minutes so they counterattack. Before anyone can realize it was all a technical error half the world is destroyed causing further mayhem that leads to overall destruction. YEAH!

#2) Germs/Bacteria - This really freaked me out. Understandably there are strains of viruses that can't be controlled (as in the monster flu I thought was killing me in February) but then there is the whole other matter of terrorists using technology to research deadly viruses and then planting infectants out in the civilized world. So now I want to walk around with a face mask and load up on canned goods in the event it's already begun!

#1) Global Warming/Climate Change - Of course! And the beautiful kicker that was repeatedly stated as sweet music played atop shots of cuddly polar bears and arctic tundras is that we are doing this to ourselves as we speak. The ice caps are going to melt. The sea level is going to rise displacing millions of people. Areas that aren't under water will suffer drought and the world will plunge headlong into civil unrest as everyone fights to capture the last of the resources. But Al Gore says we won't be totally screwed if we just start riding bikes and recycling. I don't know kids. I'm thinking of finding myself a high mountain and setting up camp.

The odd part is that I scoffed a bit at the extreme climate changes that the scientists say are occuring. I mean, can't we just say that the extreme weather is just random and will even out over the course of time? Then today I am sitting at home and start hearing a racket outside my door. It is raining incredibly hard and (as I discover in my mad dash to close the sunroof on my car) bits of hale are falling from the sky and bouncing off everything. OK Nature! I get it! You win. We screwed you over. I am a believer!

And in case that wasn't's a littler docu-blurb about what will happen to your body if we all get sucked into a black hole. Happy Sunday!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Movie Rentals Are Flipping Expensive

So I was supposed to go to a friend's graduation party today but decided to stay at home instead because a) I have a sore throat, b) the party is a bonfire, c) it's supposed to rain all night long, and d) I don't feel like being wet, snotty, and miserable all night long. I'm a bad friend. I admit it. Instead, I decided to get a frozen pizza and curl up at home with a good movie and my loyal cat. It's been about two years since I went to a video store to buy a movie because I always get them free at the public library. I just happened to have no movies come in this week so I decided to be frivilous and go to Blockbuster. I figured I would get a few movies so I could make a night of it. I asked the nice lady who worked there how much the new releases were. $3.71 per movie!! When did that happen?!? Am I just a cheap old woman now or does that not seem really expensive. I might as well go to an actual movie theater for that much money! Needless to say, being the poor woman I am I only got one movie. The History Channel has a feature tonight on seven ways the world may die so I think I'll curl up and get myself paranoid instead. I'll keep you updated on my best apocalyptic theory...though death by chocolate would be my preference. "And lo the skies opened and spewed forth torrents of dark chocolate that did cover the planet smothering all in it's delicious goodness."

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Discovery of the Day: New Flight of the Conchords Video

Happy Day! There's a new video from my favorite New Zealanders, Bret and Jemaine. The guys are sporting some old school roller skates and kickass polyester in a new version of "Ladies of the World". How could any lady resist a man who can do a split on wheels? Even though Jemaine looks a little too effective as a 70's dude with that big mustache and fluffy hair I still think he's motherflipping adorable. Love em!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Discovery of the Day: I'm Over Hillary Clinton is where I get a little irritated. I understand that we are in one of the biggest marches to the presidential nomination in decades if not in a lifetime. I followed the nomination processes when they all started. I went and voted in Ohio for a nominee. I believe in being informed about the process. For God's sake, I worked as a voting booth peon for 13 hours straight a few years ago with 108 year old women. I get it. But I'm so sick of the bid for the Democratic nomination I could scream. I turned on tv last week to get information about the hundreds dead in Myanmar and all I get is analysis of Barack. I turned on my tv last night to get information about the hundreds dead in China and all I get is a bunch of people excitedly saying that Hilary is going to win West Virgina. And all I can think is "SHUT UP!!!!" There are more important things to focus on in this world that do not involve super delegates in any way. Can we not switch the focus a little so that we don't become this monotonous drone of unsurprising information.

Here is why I'm over Hilary Clinton. I don't necessarily have anything against her. I went to a Barack speech a few months ago and, though I found him very inspiring, I do have my doubts about him as well so I'm not a die hard Obama fan either. But if Hilary cares so much about this country, if she cares so much about the working class people like she says she does, why doesn't she give up. Does it shows she has "pluck" to go on even in the face of surely unsurmountable obstacles? Sure it does. It'd make for a great Lifetime movie. But lets look at all the people who are supporting her, who are giving her thousands of dollars to finance her dramatic drive that will end in her saying "Gosh golly, we sure did try!" How about saying that now and saving these working class people the money it would cost to drive to her rallies. At $4 a gallon, that could feed a family for a month! I'm frustrated to see once more how the "working" people are duped into supporting political machines that lead nowhere. If you love your country, then admit you tried and stop wasting everyone's time and money. Maybe then I can actually watch CNN for some actual news instead of disgustedly turning the channel and being forced into another episode of "The Hills". No one wants that.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Discovery of the Day : Getting In Shape Only Slightly Less Painful Than Death

There were about two seconds in the mid-80's when I was actually in good shape spurred on by a mix of Jane Fonda, bad self-esteem, and a near total lack of food consumption. OK..maybe "good shape" may be pushing it what with the near anorexia and all but at least I could do some mean running kicks while wearing my hot pink leg warmers. Since then I discovered that food was my friend as was my couch, pajama pants, and any entertainment that involved sitting for long periods of time. Jane would not be proud.

But fear not Jane for the new, more self aware Theresa has come to the conclusion that it is time to get her butt off the couch and get in leopard print leotard wearing shape once more - or as close as a 33 year gal who still loves cheese curls can get. What this means for me? Less trips to the fast food counter and more trips to the dreaded treadmill (formerly known as "clothes I decided not to wear today" holder). For the past few weeks I have stepped up my game. Commiting to at least half an hour four times a week. I have worked up to running for an entire mile...not at once mind you but I figure an entire mile within 20 minutes is pretty good for this couch potato. Today I stepped it up even more and decided to run further and faster. I was feeling good. Listening to Matthew Good aka "my future husband" on the CD player. Throwing in some jazz hands for upper body work. And then it hit. Stomach cramps. Could it be that I have running cramps? The kind you see marathon runners get when they are puking on the side of the road after mile 35? And I'm getting them after less than a mile and a half? It appears I was. Which then led to about five minutes bent over my computer chair in massive pain cursing this whole "getting healthy" decision.

One day I will hopefully sit back and laugh at this entry as I sip my wheatgrass shake in my size 2 hotpants but until than I have concluded that getting in shape sucks. It sucks hard!! And the fact I have to get up tomorrow and get on the dreaded treadmill yet again sucks the hardest of all.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Discovery of the Day: I Don't "Get" One Hundred Years of Solitude

Ok...I get it. I just don't "get" the "get" everyone else is "getting".

I recently grabbed a copy of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's supposedly earth shatteringly brilliant novel One Hundred Years of Solitude from our library collection to amuse myself while hiding from students during my lunch break. I'd been wanting to read it for a while since I'd seen it on every modern classic Top 10 list forever. I briefly hesitated when I saw the cover was bedazzled with an Oprah Book Club Choice sticker. I have delved into the murky waters of the Oprah Book Club before and it is a somber world indeed. But I gave it the benefit of the doubt as I ripped open the corner of my Ranch Doritos. Alright...starting out good. A little modern day mythology. Lots of crazy characters. Forging a new beginning in a savage land. I can dig it. After a few more days worth of p b & j sandwiches I started feeling a heaviness descend upon me. Is it just me or does this book sorta suck? I get the whole history repeating itself theme, I do. But, Good Lord, how many depressed men named Aureliano can a girl keep track of? How many dead ghosts can walk through the house reciting long lost Sanskrit passages? How many times can incestous relationships pop up before you start saying "ewww!"? It just all seemed like a big chaotic blur of dysfunctional family drama enough to keep Jerry Springer in business for decades.

Far be it from me to disagree with all the critics who claim this book is singlehandedly the savior of modern literature. Maybe y'all are seeing something I don't. But for now, I just don't "get" it. Oprah strikes again!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Coldplay Doesn't Suck Live

I've had my doubts. I've seen clips of Coldplay live before and have gauged them high on the cringe factor. There's something about a sensitive singer/songwriter with a high voice that really can go either way. If it's good, it's good. If it's bad I want to put my head in the oven and spare us both the humiliation of hearing more. I've been on the fence with Coldplay as well. I really like some of their songs and others..well..I just kinda want to sit Chris Martin down and tell him he doesn't have to use a rhyming dictionary when he writes his lyrics. Then again, I'm a broke librarian and he's rolling around in piles of money so what do I know. I have to say though, this clip from their 2003 Live DVD is very addictive. Nice and simple...and not TOO rhymey (is that a word? And what does IT rhyme with? Limey? Get on that Mr. Martin.)

So I tip my hat to Coldplay today. You don't suck live. Kudos.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Discovery of the Day: I'm Movin On

As opposed to Movin' Out by Billy Joel. Though I must say, I saw Billy in concert a few years back and he's still the man...despite the fact he kept humping his piano all night long. Not sure what that was about.

Anyhoo..I digress. My discovery of the day is that I have officially moved on. I met a group of former coworkers last night for drinks after having left my workplace earlier this year. Previous to leaving, I had fallen into that rut that we all get into after working at any place for a long time - talking about work whenever more than one person is gathered as your blood pressure rises and your heart races and you get progressively more pissed off over such things as a faulty postage machine. It got to the point prior to leaving that if I thought about some things too long I thought I might actually spontaneously explode. As I walked out the door my final day, I wondered how I would feel about the place that had taken up so much of my time for a good portion of my adult life. Sitting at the table watching former co-workers carrying on with the same old conversations I realized that I officially don't care. Not that I don't care about the place or the people. The place and (a few of) the people will still hold a special place in my heart but it no longer belongs to me. I've moved on to a whole new bunch of people and places and undoubtedly future problems. And I love it!

So go ahead and rock out with your fro Billy cause I'm raising a glass to my former frustrations. May they rest in peace.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Discovery of the Day : The Books

Sometimes when wandering aimlessly through the ever odder side trails of YouTube world you can run across some pretty amazing stuff. Today, I stumbled upon some videos from a band called "The Books". Being a librarian I felt it my duty to check them out (no pun intended). I can't say their songs are good. I can't say their songs are bad. In fact, I can't say their songs are even songs. Or music for that fact. But I was so intrigued that I went to their website ( and just spent about an hour in a Pink Floyd like trance listening to their recordings. Happy. Peaceful. Fish. Ahhhhh.....

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Crush of the Day: That Dude from the History Channel

Sundays are a great day to be productive. To get all those errands done that have built up throughout the week. They are equally great days to lay on the couch having nerdy girl fantasies as you watch another documentary on the History Channel. I'm talking about "Cities of the Underworld".

As a 12 year old girl, I was convinced that I was destined to discover the lost city of Atlantis. On my off time, I was going to discover secret chambers in the Great Pyramid as well. To this day I have a secret desire to just rub up against Stonehenge. Therefore it wouldn't take much to make me get excited over a series where archaeologists (both wannabes and legitimates)crawl under the level of todays civilization to explore the past. But the History Channel had to take it up a notch. They had to give us a super cute, scruffy haired, Indiana Jones loving host. I'm not going to lie. Watching a cute yet pseudo dorky man get excited over finding a possible cavern used by the Knights Templar does something to me which no Chippendale dancer could ever do. Call it historical soft porn. Call it whatever you want. But call me when it's on because I love it.

Congratulations super cute khaki pant wearing, flashlight toting, crawling on your hands and knees host of "Cities of the Underworld". You are my crush of the day.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Irritation of the Day : Cute Low Cut Shirt

Winter has finally departed. Open up the car windows, break out the sunglasses, and throw out the sweaters. It's time for spring clothes! And judging from my quick stroll through the store yesterday that seems to mean the same old classics - zippered capris, bright tank tops, and the ever popular low cut shirts.

I snagged a cute v-necked belted top yesterday that I thought was very appropriate for work. This morning I threw on some brown pants and some strappy black shoes and I was feeling quite "springy". This lasted for approximately 5 minutes until I bent over to pick up the newspaper at work and exposed a good portion of my girls to whoever happened to be walking down the hall. From then on, it was a delicate balance of looking "cute" and looking frankly pornographic. The problem with low cut shirts is that they properly fit maybe 1% of the female population. The other 99% of us spend the day on constant boob patrol. Which usually isn't a problem seeing as 99% of the male population also seem to become instantly on boob patrol as well when a low cut shirt is in the room. If you look up to find a male stopped in mid step staring at you like you were the last Hershey Kiss in the candy dish, chances are he will be staring at the low cut shirt and not (sadly) at the really cool new Encyclopedia of Philosophy set you are cataloging. After eight hours of pulling and tugging, I am more then happy to report that low cut shirt is back in the closet replaced by a not low cut t-shirt purchased when I was still young enough to get carded. That would also be back when I was still young enough to actually go out to clubs on a Friday night instead of staying at home in a t-shirt watching "Flight of the Conchords" reruns. Sigh.

Congratulations cute low cut shirt, you are my irritation of the day....but you are awfully cute so I'm sure we'll meet again.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Wendy's Snack Wrap Meal

Having been a college student for 7 1/2 out of the last 15 years of my life (hey, I went back to get my Master's...cut me some slack!), I know a thing or two about fast food. The beauty of the Big Mac special sauce, the ideal amount of vinegar to slather on the Hamburger Station fries, the perfect cheese to nacho ratio. Now that I'm a full fledged working adult I am trying to grow up a bit. Which somehow translates to bringing peanut butter & jelly sandwiches to work everyday. Hmm...the adult becomes the child? I digress.

Anyhoo, having overslept the other day leaving myself no time to pack lunch I found myself wandering into fast food world again. I decided on Wendy's because it was in the opposite direction of the most dreaded mall (ugh!). I was getting ready to order my usual Single Special when what do I see? A Wendy's Chicken Snack Wrap Value Meal in not one but three varieties. Consisting of tasty tortilla wrapped chicken, small fry, and small drink. For $2.99. SOLD!! I have to say, it was the perfect size for my lunchtime food needs. And quite tasty. Though probably not nearly as healthy as I'd like to think seeing as it was drenched in Ranch dressing. But beggars can't be chosers.

Thank you Wendy's for bringing me my enjoyment for the day. Though I have to ask...when did a medium drink turn into the size of a two gallon trough bucket. Does ANYONE need to drink that much Cherry Coke?

P.S. As I was considering whether to stay or go after my delicious chicken wrap experience what song do you think comes over the piped in music speaker? "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt. I'm not even lying. I took it as a sign and left. So it's war is it? BRING IT!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Really?" of the Day: James Blunt on Sesame Street

So I happend to mention in a previous posting my affectionate nickname for James Blunt(Moody Smurf). I first heard him on Virgin Radio UK. Those crazy kids over the sea were going insane over him. After hearing about a million people calling him "brilliant" and "better than the Beatles" I figured perhaps England was housing a genetic auditory malfunction that makes crap music sound really good. It gave me some sense of superiority as I shook my head knowing that Americans would never fall for James Blunt. No sir. Keep your scrawny high pitched whiners to yourself UK.

Then one day I turned on my car radio and there he was. Worse yet he was dating a supermodel so he was on all my crap entertainment shows as well. And people loved him. NOOO!!! And NOW he's showing up on Sesame Street? Singing a depressing song about missing a triangle? REALLY???

James Blunt please consider joining a hermitage as soon as possible. Preferably one that requires a vow of silence. Really.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Irritation of the Day: Towpath Etiquette Offender

It is another beautiful day in Northeast Ohio. The sun is my already sunburned face can attest...and all is right with the world. Oh yeah. Except for one thing. The Stupid Flipping Towpath Etiquette Offender!

Anyone who walks along a towpath trail faces the possibility of running into flagrant towpath etiquette offenders. I generally avoid this problem altogether by seeking out off-the-beaten path trails where no humans dare to venture. But today I was busy running errands after work and the towpath was my best bet to get a little fresh air. As I arrived at the trail head, a freakishly blond gentleman with a large dog was walking towards the same trail. I, following the towpath etiquette rules, was walking several paces behind him so as to give us both our own space for nature enjoyment. This came to a halt when the said dog stopped to do something...doggish. Again following towpath etiquette rules, I proceeded to pass the now stopped pair on the left hand side. And that's when it got nasty. The blond gentleman started walking at exactly the same time as I attempted to pass. And worse off. He was walking at exactly the same pace! I attempted to pick up my pace but now the dog was right behind me attempting to sniff my swinging appendages and various bits. Awkward indeed. I threw it into high gear and proceeded to turn left onto the trail hoping the blond gentleman would remember the etiquette rules and turn right on the trail. I knew I had about a 1/4 mile walk of nodding politely to passing sweaty joggers before I could veer off onto a side trail. I barely missed getting run down by some rabid bicyclists when I stepped foot onto the heavily wooded side trail. I stopped to tie my shoe...and then I heard it. The shushing of approaching footsteps. The panting of hot breath. And there he was. My offending blond follower. Except this time the dog, seeing me stopped and in a bent position, proceeded to bumrush me in what I assume was an attempt to be nice. After some polite comments on my part about not wanting to be slobbered upon, the gentleman (who I'm now convinced is a stalker) begins to walk at such a slow pace up the trail that even if I waited for 10 minutes to give him a head start chances are I'd still catch up with him and continue our awkward dance.

So I turned around and went home. Stupid blond, probably-has-severed-fingers-in-his refrigerator, towpath etiquette offender. You are officially my irritation of the day!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crush of the Day: Lead Singer Dude from "The Mess Hall"

So I've been spending a little too much time then I should lately tracking down good music (as opposed to the music played on pretty much every single station on the radio). I've come across some good finds by chasing down leads on Virgin Radio ( - because I love my British music - and The Hype Machine ( - because I love my indie bands.

Recently I came across a band called "The Mess Hall". It's an Australian duo with some great heavy rock beats mixed with an alternative indie vibe. I pretty much fell in love with their music right away. Then I tracked down their videos on the great time sucker that is YouTube and discovered a happy accident. The lead singer just happens to be freaking hot. Now, granted, I only saw him for about 30 seconds in one video to determine the hotness but..really...isn't that all you need. Perhaps he does look a smidge like James Blunt (aka "Moody Smurf") but I won't hold that against him. Because he has a guitar. And some tight pants on. And he looks like he probably hasn't showered in a few days. And in "Theresa's World" those are all good things.

Congratulations Lead Singer Dude from "The Mess Hall". You are my Crush of the Day.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Does the World Need Another Blogger?


No it doesn't.

But you know what? I'm jumping on the bandwagon. And you know why?

Cuz "It's Theresa's World".

(cue cool roadtrip music)

((This will surely prove to be no good for anyone))