Thursday, July 3, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Here Comes the Flood

It's a four day holiday weekend for Theresa! YEAH!! In celebration, the skies opened up and have dumped buckets of rain on me since yesterday. And the rains are set to continue all the way through the weekend.

Rain and I have had a weird relationship for the past month or so. The weather is gorgeous to the point of making me jealous every time I work. The weekend comes or a vacation day and what happens? Rain. Torrential rain. Rain so hard people are pulling over on the side of the highway. Rain so hard that you have to check to make sure you have matches if the lights go out. Rain so hard the rivers are flooding. Oohhh rain.

I suppose I should make the best of it. But rain just puts you in the mood to sleep...or pout...or drink. And since it's the holiday, drinking it shall be. It has to be sunny somewhere!