Monday, November 24, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Missy Higgins

I was driving to work today and I heard this song "Where I Stood" and I thought "Great new Fiona Apple song" until I learned it wasn't Fiona Apple at all but some girl named Missy Higgins. She's got a great moody alterna chick vibe to her with just a hint of country and a little bit of blues. I highly recommend you check her out. Plus I'm loving her hair in this video. I have crazy curly hair that I can never control. A part of me wants to chop it off to try to get the look in this video but I'm afraid I'd wind up with frizzy Q'tip hair or something equally dreadful. I did color my hair darker for fall but sadly hardly anyone noticed. What's with that?! Maybe I should just dye it bright blue to see if it gets any reaction. Ah well. Karma will one day kick in so in the next life I'll have nice straight hair!

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