Monday, June 23, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Dancing Brings People Together!

So this guy Matt that you see in the above clip scored the sweetest jobs of sweetest jobs. Someone paid him to travel around the world and video record himself dancing horribly with people. That's right. He got PAID to travel and dance HORRIBLY. With people who were equally as horrible. The result being one of the best clips to ever hit YouTube. There is something so universal about horrible dancing that no matter where in the world you are it elicits a smile and laughter. You can't help it. (OK...that guy in North Korea didn't look too happy but we'll forget that.) In today's age where it's easy to get caught up in politics, the bad economy, and all the ways that one guy is different from the next it's refreshing to see something so universally simple.

I particularly love that I found this clip today because this afternoon I attended a friend's chorus recital. That chours just happened to be a gay men's chorus. The author Armisted Maupin gave excerpt readings throughout while the 80+ chorus chimed in with song and dance. At the end, Maupin announced that his writings were based on his own life and struggle. And he shared that he himself had gotten married to his partner in Canada last year because it was not recognized here in the US. As of a few weeks ago, that marriage HAS been recognized in California. The audience wildly applauded. The men on stage wildly applauded. As I sat there, I truly wished that anyone who ever opposed equal rights for gay people could be there in that audience. When it comes down to it, those men on stage just want what we all do: happiness. And oh yeah, they WILL dance and sing! I for one hope they keep on dancing. I may be one straight girl but I'm ready to drop my horrible dance moves any time!! So do your thing, whatever that may be.

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