Friday, June 20, 2008

Discovery of the Day: My Brightest Diamond

I discovered "My Brightest Diamond" online today while I was listening to "The Hype Machine." The singer has a very distincitve voice. She reminds me slightly of Tori Amos. That same off kilter, wood nimph vibe going on. Very much girl in a fairy tale which is nice once in a while. We all need to escape sometimes.

Speaking of which today I had a vacation day and escaped myself into the woods. Mind you I did NOT have on a pair of fairy wings nor did I have a guy with bull horns chasing me...though that would have been a good story on Monday. After spending the morning running around I realized that I just could not deal with people today. So I grabbed a book and my camera and spent a lovely afternoon surrounded by trees and birds and breeze. There are times when nothing else can compare. If only to refuel before you jump back into the wilderness of modern life.

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