Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crush of the Day: Lead Singer Dude from "The Mess Hall"

So I've been spending a little too much time then I should lately tracking down good music (as opposed to the music played on pretty much every single station on the radio). I've come across some good finds by chasing down leads on Virgin Radio ( - because I love my British music - and The Hype Machine ( - because I love my indie bands.

Recently I came across a band called "The Mess Hall". It's an Australian duo with some great heavy rock beats mixed with an alternative indie vibe. I pretty much fell in love with their music right away. Then I tracked down their videos on the great time sucker that is YouTube and discovered a happy accident. The lead singer just happens to be freaking hot. Now, granted, I only saw him for about 30 seconds in one video to determine the hotness but..really...isn't that all you need. Perhaps he does look a smidge like James Blunt (aka "Moody Smurf") but I won't hold that against him. Because he has a guitar. And some tight pants on. And he looks like he probably hasn't showered in a few days. And in "Theresa's World" those are all good things.

Congratulations Lead Singer Dude from "The Mess Hall". You are my Crush of the Day.

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