Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Discovery of the Day: I'm Over Hillary Clinton is where I get a little irritated. I understand that we are in one of the biggest marches to the presidential nomination in decades if not in a lifetime. I followed the nomination processes when they all started. I went and voted in Ohio for a nominee. I believe in being informed about the process. For God's sake, I worked as a voting booth peon for 13 hours straight a few years ago with 108 year old women. I get it. But I'm so sick of the bid for the Democratic nomination I could scream. I turned on tv last week to get information about the hundreds dead in Myanmar and all I get is analysis of Barack. I turned on my tv last night to get information about the hundreds dead in China and all I get is a bunch of people excitedly saying that Hilary is going to win West Virgina. And all I can think is "SHUT UP!!!!" There are more important things to focus on in this world that do not involve super delegates in any way. Can we not switch the focus a little so that we don't become this monotonous drone of unsurprising information.

Here is why I'm over Hilary Clinton. I don't necessarily have anything against her. I went to a Barack speech a few months ago and, though I found him very inspiring, I do have my doubts about him as well so I'm not a die hard Obama fan either. But if Hilary cares so much about this country, if she cares so much about the working class people like she says she does, why doesn't she give up. Does it shows she has "pluck" to go on even in the face of surely unsurmountable obstacles? Sure it does. It'd make for a great Lifetime movie. But lets look at all the people who are supporting her, who are giving her thousands of dollars to finance her dramatic drive that will end in her saying "Gosh golly, we sure did try!" How about saying that now and saving these working class people the money it would cost to drive to her rallies. At $4 a gallon, that could feed a family for a month! I'm frustrated to see once more how the "working" people are duped into supporting political machines that lead nowhere. If you love your country, then admit you tried and stop wasting everyone's time and money. Maybe then I can actually watch CNN for some actual news instead of disgustedly turning the channel and being forced into another episode of "The Hills". No one wants that.

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