Saturday, May 17, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Movie Rentals Are Flipping Expensive

So I was supposed to go to a friend's graduation party today but decided to stay at home instead because a) I have a sore throat, b) the party is a bonfire, c) it's supposed to rain all night long, and d) I don't feel like being wet, snotty, and miserable all night long. I'm a bad friend. I admit it. Instead, I decided to get a frozen pizza and curl up at home with a good movie and my loyal cat. It's been about two years since I went to a video store to buy a movie because I always get them free at the public library. I just happened to have no movies come in this week so I decided to be frivilous and go to Blockbuster. I figured I would get a few movies so I could make a night of it. I asked the nice lady who worked there how much the new releases were. $3.71 per movie!! When did that happen?!? Am I just a cheap old woman now or does that not seem really expensive. I might as well go to an actual movie theater for that much money! Needless to say, being the poor woman I am I only got one movie. The History Channel has a feature tonight on seven ways the world may die so I think I'll curl up and get myself paranoid instead. I'll keep you updated on my best apocalyptic theory...though death by chocolate would be my preference. "And lo the skies opened and spewed forth torrents of dark chocolate that did cover the planet smothering all in it's delicious goodness."

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Anonymous said...

"Death by chocolate" would be my way to go too!!! Hope you feel better soon.