Sunday, October 12, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Fareed Zakaria Rocks the World
 he doesn't exactly rock the world. But he does one hell of a good job at explaining the state of the world today. I just finished reading Fareed Zakaria's book "The Post-American World" and I am very glad I did. Zakaria does a great job of explaining the problems that the US faces right now using a long world lens. We have to understand that the world is changing and as it does the power shifts. Zakaria calls it "the rise of the rest". This means countries are now dominating in technological and economic fields that the US once had an iron fist over.

The reason I enjoyed this book is because Zakaria makes sure to point out this "rise of the rest" does not signify the end of the US. Instead, it merely points to a shift. In fact, the US can benefit from the advances of other countries and can still remain a major power player. It is a difficult issue to grasp but one that we all must acknowledge and try to understand.

I've embedded a video of a discussion that Zakaria gave at the Los Angles Public Library that is definitely worth watching. Not to mention it is moderated by Reza Aslan who I have a big geek girl crush on. Sigh. This is good stuff. Please dig in.

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