Sunday, October 19, 2008

Discovery of the Day: My Unoffical Political Poll

Northeast Ohio, in my opinion, is geographically a weird place to live. Go to any "nice" neighborhood in the area and you are only a few blocks away from locking your doors and running red lights for fear of being mugged. Go to any "urban" area and you are only a few miles away from suburbia. Drive a few miles away from either of those and you are liable to run into a cornfield or a rundown papermill. You just never know who your neighbors are!

The drive from my parents middle-class neighborhood to my apartment building (once dubbed in a local newspaper as a "starter" complex for people not ready to be grown-ups...whatever!) runs through an area of very posh mini-mansions. As I was driving the stretch today I noticed that the political signs were out in full force. Local political ads were the most prevalent - some being the size of large billboards on the highway. But there were quite a fewe presidential signs as well. Normally you would expect to find this area exclusively Republican. As I drove down I saw the first batch of McCain/Palin signs. No surprise. But as I continued to drive I noticed something interesting. For every McCain sign there was an Obama sign. In fact it looked like two neighbors were duking it out as both of them had several presidential signs on display - one an Obama supporter, one a McCain supporter. Could Obama be making headway with the Republican base here in Ohio?

I honestly think it is going to come down to the wire here in Ohio as it always does. Nonetheless, this election may push people to vote across previous political alliances. What that means for the outcome we shall see soon enough. Hold on tight!

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