Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Fringe

My boss has been telling me for weeks now that I should check out the new FOX show "Fringe" based on two important viewing criteria: 1) It's a cool modern "X-File" sci-fi show and 2) It stars Joshua Jackson who was oh-so-lovable on "Dawson's Creek". I put it off amid a flurry of bad reality tv (Do I really want to watch "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"?). Tonight I downloaded it off the net, Fringe on Fox , and watched the pilot as I half heartedly walked on my treadmill. I have to say, I give it a thumbs up. Though it has it's cheesey, "it could only happen on tv moments", it has some great points. Interesting paranormal plotlines, lots of government intrigue, sexy FBI agents, and crazy half mad scientists. (I'm crossing my fingers the Cigarette Man makes a surprise appearance in Season 2.)

On a related note, I also watched "The Eleventh Hour" last week starring the hotness that is Rufus Sewell. I wanted to like it but I just felt "meh" about it. I kept thinking that David Caruso could have stepped into the lead characters shoes and been just as effective. Which isn't necessarily a great thing. Maybe I should give it another try. Thoughts?

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