Saturday, September 20, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Californication

So being the broke gal that I am, I am reduced to watching basic cable channels. Which is generally good enough for me. As long as i have my CNN, my History Channel, and my Nick at Night I'm good. However I am a bit peeved that I miss out on first runs of some of the best shows that are hitting tv lately - Flight of the Conchords, The Tudors, Real Time with Bill Maher (I still harbor hatred towards ABC for taking him off the air!). Luckily you can get most of these shows at your lovely local library.

I just got my hands on the first season of Californication starring my one time X-Files crush David Duchovney. I was expecting sarcastic and smarmy comments from the few clips I've seen of the show. I was expecting it to be racy. Little did I know I was in for a non-stop T & A show with my pal David in some incredibly risque positions...some of which I would rather wipe from my mind (fans of the show will know exactly which scene I'm talking about). All I could think as I watched the show was "No WONDER this guy is in rehab for sex addiction!!" In fact, I think I've become a sex addict by association after watching the complete first season. My recommendation to David would be to do a few Disney movies for some detox. Maybe a Lifetime movie or two.

My critique of the show? Not bad (if you aren't easily offended). I do love me some clever sarcastic men. However I think the show teeters somewhere between cutting edge and kinda icky. If you want a more complex and entertaining anti-hero you have to go with Dennis Leary in Rescue Me.


Anonymous said...

After the first two eps not much T and A at all. No more then your normal HBO, Showtime etc show. That said, if that's all you got out of the series it's really to bad. It is so much more then any of that. Hank is a wonderfully flawed character that really is trying to get his shit straight. In MHO it's one of the best new shows on TV. As far as David, playing that part had nothing to do with his problem. He is getting the help he needs and will come out a better man.

Theresa said...

Thanks for the comment anonymous (whoever you may be). I was of course being a bit tongue in cheek when I was talking about David D. I've always enjoyed his work and am definitely a supporter which is one of the reasons I picked up the DVD. I'm a big fan of flawed characters and am glad that tv has embraced so many of them recently. Even though it isn't my favorite show I did enjoy it...but I still say some of the storylines factor high on the "ewww" factor.