Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Mixed Tapes are Still Cool

I have a confession to make. I am 33 years old and I do not own an iPod. No mp3 player in sight. In fact, if I am to be perfectly honest, I still have the stereo that I got when I was 15 that has the super cool double cassette players so that you can record your favorite New Kids song for your bff. I've never really felt the reason to get an iPod. I have a CD player in my car and my stereo in my apartment for the two times I generally listen to music: going to work and housecleaning. And yes..this does make me old and boring. Thanks for pointing it out.

However, I recently ran into a dilemma. I have started my "I'm going to conquer my treadmill and run 8 miles straight" kick. Generally I'll turn on my tv upstairs and catch up on the news or a rerun of Saved by the Bell (and yes...I know this makes me doubly boring). But do you know how motivated I am to run after hearing countless analyists telling me that my generation is screwed and that I should kiss my money goodbye? Not very. And do you know how motivated I am to run while watching another episode of "The Hills" where Heidi conveniently runs into Lauren in the grocery store and they pout at each other over melon selections? Enough to make me pull the key on the treadmill.

Only one thing will work. Mixed Tape Time!! I ransacked the internet for some great tunes and burned myself a mixed CD. Some Elbow, a little We Are Scientists, a smidge of the Mess Hall. And as the sweat poured off my forehead and I tried to breathlessly sing along to Duffy I realized that some things never go out of style. There's nothing like a good mixed tape to make you feel like you are both interesting and cool. In fact, if others heard your mixed tape you would be the envy of the group. Even if that group is now balding and taking out second mortgages. Who needs money when you have the power of a mixed tape! I'm ready for another mile (or ready to curl up on my couch and watch another episode of "John Adams").

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