Friday, September 26, 2008

Discovery of the Day: Selfish Jean

This is a great discovery because a) I enjoy Travis and think their music is pretty kickass and b) I love Demetri Martin and want to cuddle with him. Would you not want to hang out at a coffee shop with this guy?! Demetri reminds me a bit of a young Steve Martin. He has that same off the wall very dry sense of humor that can come out of left field. And he uses charts which are cool unto themselves.

Our computers at work just got upgraded to the latest version of Microsoft Office. From what I can gather it just seems that they have moved functions around just enough so that you have no idea how to do something as simple as setting margins. However I must say I do enjoy the new chart and graph features on Word. I made my boss a lovely 3-D colorful creation I dubbed "Super Cool Chart" complete with an attractive dead fish background (not sure why this is one of the options but why not dead fish). I made the font sparkle and the chart do a cool right tilt. Apparently my boss does not think charts as amusing as I do because her reaction was "Ummm...Theresa. You have problems." I bet Demetri would like my super cool chart. Maybe I should send it to him.

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